SO! Possitions we offer

Join our So! Team

SoFreshSoClean ecological housekeeping  company supports every individual and family with their household tasks. To provide every customer with the highest quality of work, we are looking for team members who are passionate about high standards, cleanliness, beauty and order, but most of all love helping and serving people at above average level.

Housekeeper – domestic help

As a Housekeeper you will support with household responsibilities and provide help with all kinds of high standard housekeeping tasks:  cleaning, ironing, organizing and help in preparing the house before / after moving.

Housekeeper supervisor

As a Housekeeping Supervisor you will partly support with housekeeping responsibilities and provide help with all kinds of household tasks, and the other part of the time you will be responsible for overseeing all housekeeping operations to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Office assistant

As an Office Assistent you will handle organizational as well as clerical support tasks. This may include organizing files, scheduling appointments, writing and aswering an emails, receiving phone calls and welcoming the visitors.