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SoFreshSoClean | Housekeeping Ecological Solution

SoFreshSoClean is more than just an eco-focused housekeeping company – it’s a small family with a boundless heart dedicated to bringing joy to people’s lives. Your happiness is our utmost priority. 

With over a 10 years  of experience, our journey is fueled by a love for spotless and well-organized spaces, and a desire to infuse every visit with positivity and freshness, making us truly exceptional in our field.What truly sets us apart is that is our vetted team that goes beyond traditional housekeeping, offering tailored, professional,  friendly and  top quality topservice.

We believe that our dedicated care can make a profound impact on your live—not just through cleaning, but through a genuine dedication to our distinctive duties.

Our company’s excellence lies in optimizing Regular Cleaning and a range of personalized services, such as Home Assistance, interior beautification, budget-friendly home makeovers, seasonal holiday home decorating, and more, all with a touch of warmth and professionalism.

Here are a some of our most popular services:

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Share your needs with us , and we’ll craft the perfect solution for you.


With unparalleled enthusiasm and a unique fervor, Patricia, the visionary behind SFSC, illuminates spaces with her magic touch. Her sixth sense for noticing things that others often miss helps her transform an ordinary room into an unrecognizable and inviting space.

Bringing a wealth of experience spanning more than a decade in diverse cleaning and customer service roles, Patricia wears multiple hats at SFSC. She is not just the CEO but also a guiding mentor, a supervisor, and a cherished friend to all. She has crafted not just an extraordinary professional housekeeping company, but also a warm and inviting home that embraces everyone with open arms.

Her mission is to deliver excellence in service, going beyond house and  local business maintenance to infuse every visit with a sense of freshness and spotless. This path has been guided by unwavering passion, a commitment to positive energy, and a genuine love for creating  and well-organized spaces. 

My So! Story

I was raised in a warm and well-kept home where order and taking care of one’s space were paramount. For me cleaning was not a punishment or an enforced duty, but rather a responsibility that came to me with a sense of joy and fun. I actually consider myself a perfectionist with an eye to detail for  interior spaces. 

In my youth I did not plan to run my own business in the home beautification field, as I considered myself more of an artist instead. However, my professional journey has actually been quite versatile, transitioning from nanny to barista, becoming a saleswoman in retail as well as a stylist at photo and film sets.

I’ve climbed the corporate ladder, becoming an office manager, store manager, and eventually a creative project manager at an advertising agency. But I have noticed that wherever I’ve worked, the common thread has always been the strong emphasis on creativity, serving customers, resourcefulness, and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds from across the globe, all of whom I hold dear. 

All these experiences have shown me that I take joy in supporting others, I am not afraid of hard work, and that I also want to play an active role in saving our planet. It is now clear that the passion I brought from childhood, the experience from various professions and my perfectionist nature for space organization were the building pillars for So Fresh So Clean.

Today, with over a decade of experience in eco-friendly and intelligent cleaning … I find myself representing a company that offers not only dedicated, professional service and cleaning solutions but also heartfelt and personalized home beautification assistance that comes with love.

“SoFreshSoClean” is more than just a company; it’s above all a home for my wonderful team. I äm happy to lead them not only to how to be impeccably organized, versatile, and professional in their work, but also inspire to love what they do.  

Since  the start of So Fresh So Clean, together with So! Family we are able to create an atmosphere that has that “certain something” you simply can’t walk by without taking notice. What is my dream? My dream is to make this atmosphere forever-lasting. 

This is what makes us So!