Ozonation is an effective, versatile and popular among our clients method of cleaning that not only eliminates unpleasant smell but also has other beneficial properties:

  • Elimination of present allergens
  • Elimination of micro- organisms in houses/ offices/ vehicles/ boats etc.


Thanks to ozonation nasty household odours are removed, and at the same time the air is free of pathogens, micro-organisms and other particles that carry the smell. Moreover, doesn’t require use of harmful for health chemical products that can stay in the air as well as on the cleaned surfaces.
Most importantly, thanks to this method you will get rid of bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause many ailments and development of diseases.
Another advantage of ozonation is a fact that it doesn’t damage the cleaned surfaces and it does not leave unpleasant “chemical” smell in the air/ room.

The duration of the cleaning depends on size of the problem as well as the size of cleaned surfaces/ rooms and the number and power of ozone generators used during the cleaning. Usually ozonation of one room takes from 30 to 60 minutes.



What is ozone?

Ozone is a three-atom molecule of oxygen that shows a powerful antiseptic property. It leads to oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids of which bacterial cell membrane is made up of. Caused by ozone damages kill bacteria or they lose ability to reproduce.

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Ozonation Of The Interior And The Fight Against Coronavirus

Bacteria | Coronavirus

These days ozonation is becoming more and more popular as a means of fighting coronavirus.
Ozonation is recommended in places which were visited by corona-positive people or people who travel/ travelled a lot and had a frequent contact with other people.
Besides, ozonation is also highly advisable as a standard cleaning routine in places inhabited by people( especially children) with allergies and pet- friendly households.



As mentioned, ozone oxidation properties help to effectively kill membrane cells of micro- organisms and it only takes ozone several minutes to destroy undesired microbes.
Ozone is also used to disinfect vehicles – cars, vans, caravans, boats, houses on water etc.

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Mold | Fungus | Mites

Ozonation of a flat is done for various purposes. Firstly, it is recommended to disinfect rooms that, for example, have not been used for a long time, so they may contain germs that are dangerous to health.
Secondly, the procedure is also recommended, together with drying out a flat, to remove harmful fungi, which appear, among others on the walls. Fungal infection affects health causing respiratory diseases, including asthma, inhalant allergy and recurrent bronchitis.
Removing fungus on your own is not effective as the pathogenic microorganisms deeply penetrate the surface on which they appear. Ozone causes complete destruction of fungus.

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Ozonation of a flat/house is also a great way to get rid of unpleasant smells from rooms. These may be due to various factors such as the dampness of the walls, ceiling and floor. Ozone is also very good at removing difficult smells such as cigarette smoke, the smell of urine, fresh paint, smell of burning, animal faeces, waste trash etc. Odour neutralization by ozonation can be carried out in various rooms/ spaces among others, in:

  • basements
  • attics
  • vehicles

Ozonation can be carried out everywhere where unpleasant smells appear.

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Complete Cleaning, Carpets, Furniture And Car Upholstery.

Professional equipment, eco-friendly cleaning products and thoroughly done (by our specialists) job will restore an original and fresh look of upholstery ( also leather upholstery) and other carpeting.

  • Sofas, divans,
  • Ottomans, (arm)chairs, couches, pouffes etc.
  • Carpets (also high pile), rugs, various carpeting

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Garden | Patio |Terrace | Balcony

Professional, high quality equipment, carefully chosen cleaning products and thoroughly done job will give your garden/ terrace a new, fresh and beautiful look. Moreover, impregnation of a just cleaned surface would allow to keep a fresh look and condition for a much longer time.

  • cleaning of cobblestone
  • cleaning and impregnation of wooden terraces and balustrades
  • cleaning stone, composition and concrete surfaces
  • deep cleaning of tiles and joints

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